Ravi Kannampillil

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My Role & Experience

I am a proud founder of MSI Auditors. In 1990, I laid my foundation with a focus to provide audit services that reflect the highest standards of quality and precision. My role extends far beyond management. My clients reach out to me as a trusted advisor to provide innovative solutions to their most pressing challenges.

My experience in audit began in 1985 in India and flourished further on moving to UAE. I subsequently founded MSI Auditors (known as Standard Auditing at the time). I take great pride in being one of the pioneering Fellow Chartered Accountants who established an audit firm in the country, carving out a distinctive niche for our endeavors.


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    B COM Accounting
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    Ministry Certified
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My Interests

Beyond the board room

When I am not immersed in the world of audit and finance, I find joy in watching cricket matches, where strategy and teamwork mirror the dynamics of the business world. Family is my anchor, and spending cherished moments with them, especially alongside my loyal companion Simba, rejuvenates me.

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